Make Composting Part of Your Healthy Plant Growth Strategy

Organic Compost

Composting is a well-established practise that we have all heard of at some point in our lives. It can keep your soil prosperous and your plants healthy. Given that composting has been a common practise for many homes and businesses for decades and that many cities and towns provide local composting services, you are likely already familiar with the process.

Let's first define composting before diving into its specifics. It entails gathering organic material into a pile and letting it decay into a form that may be used to give the plants additional nutrition. The "black gold" has a variety of functions in a garden, from enhancing the soil's texture to adding nutritious layers. Compost will promote the growth of your plants, so add some to your garden and watch them thrive.

Composting has become a widespread gardening practise among urban gardeners for the following reasons:

  • It provides nutrition to both the soil and the plants.
  • It decreases garbage production.
  • It is a form of natural or organic gardening.
  • Common vegetables can be grown at home using your homemade organic compost.
  • Compost adds beneficial organisms to the soil.

In this blog post, we will learn about two main types of compost so that when you go out to find compost suppliers, you have a clear picture of the same.

Organic Compost

It is important to take care of your garden in order to have attractive flowers, healthy plants, and tasty produce. Here are some valuable suggestions to maintain a well-kept garden.

The term organic compost refers to compost made from organic raw materials. Compost may contain trimmings from decorative gardens that are kept up using organic methods, leftovers from organic restaurants, and other waste products from organic farms frequently generated as trimmings. Straw and coffee grounds are two more organic additives for compost.

Compost formed from organic materials like plant waste, kitchen scraps, yard trimmings, and other biodegradable things is called organic compost. Composting organic waste is a great technique to keep carbon in the soil. By doing this, organic composting can lessen glasshouse gas emissions, increase soil quality and fertility, and supply crops with beneficial organic matter.

It contributes to maintaining the garden's health by balancing the soil's pH and containing natural soil creatures like worms.

Mushroom Compost

Although it is a type of organic compost, mushroom compost is created and prepared especially to serve as a growing medium for mushrooms. A nutrient-rich soil amendment called mushroom compost is made from the wasted substrate for commercially produced mushrooms. Organic materials, including straw, peat moss, gypsum, maize cobs, and other agricultural leftovers, are frequently used as substrates. These ingredients are blended and pasteurised to remove weed seeds and dangerous diseases, creating the perfect setting for mushroom growth.

Once thought of as a waste product, mushroom compost is now used by gardeners as a soil improvement. Lowering waste in the mushroom industry provides a sustainable alternative for enhancing garden soil and promotes the circular economy

While mushroom compost has specific characteristics and uses for cultivation, it shares many similarities with traditional organic compost. Both types of compost involve the recycling of organic materials and provide nutrient-rich amendments for improving soil quality and supporting plant growth.

Both organic and mushroom compost are an excellent choices for producing flowers and vegetables. They are simple to use, offer vital nutrients, and support the health of your garden.

When choosing one option, consider the plants you want to grow, then stick with just one or perhaps both.


Now that you know everything about composting and its two main types, we hope you will take full advantage to create a thriving and productive garden. Reach out to us, as we have been the best compost suppliers in this field for the past 30 years.