Mushroom compost is a substance that is produced as a result of the mushroom cultivation industry. The composition of it usually consists of natural materials like straw, hay, manure from horses and poultry, cotton seed hulls, and corn cobs. Certain mushroom composts may include additional ingredients such as peat moss, gypsum, soybean meal, and lime.


  • Mushroom compost is a versatile material used as either compost or mulch.
  • It is made from a combination of wheat straw, chicken manure, gypsum, and water and is a valuable source of nutrients for the soil.
mushroom-compost-2 (1)
  • This supports the growth and development of earthworms and other organisms in the soil.


  • Mushroom compost can improve the quality of your garden soil by adding organic materials.
  • It can also be beneficial for enhancing the growth of seedlings in various areas, such as vegetable gardens, raised beds, flower gardens, new lawns, or orchards.
  • You can use mushroom compost as a substitute for mushroom mulch.

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