Bagged Products


Builders Cement 20kg

Cement Australia's Builders Cement is a general purpose blended cement ideal for use in structural concrete, mortar, grouts and cement based products. In particular it is often used in place of Type GP Grey Cement when early strength development is not critical. Blended cement contains nominally 20% Flyash, a supplementary cementitious material.


Off White Cement 20kg

Off White Cement from Cement Australia is a superior cement that produces light coloured concrete, mortar, grouts and renders when used with light coloured sands and aggregates. It is also suitable for use with cement compatible colouring pigments.


Concrete Mix 20kg

Made right here in Australia, Cement Australia Concrete Mix is a high quality well-proportioned mix of blended cement, 10mm crushed stone and sand. This concrete is suitable for all non-structural applications such as garden paths, stepping stones, patios, light foundations and post hole filling. It requires only the addition of clean water and mixing prior to use.


Rapid Set Concrete 20kg

A carefully selected blend of cements, fly ash, sands and stone; Cement Australia;s Rapid Set Concrete designed to set very rapidly without any mixing. It is suitable for bedding fence and pergola posts as well as numerous other non-structural uses. No mixing is required, simply add to water to achieve a rapid set in just 20 minutes.


Dried Sand 20kg

Dried Sand can be used in numerous applications including gap filling between paving, BBQ trays, sand pits, chimeneas, etc


Gap Sand 20kg

Gap Sand is a blend of carefully selected sand and gelling agents suitable for filling narrow gaps between paving blocks and bricks. Ideal for use in driveways, footpaths, areas of high traffic and high winds or patios. Helps inhibit weeds and insect infestation. Please consult our product data sheet for details on applications and specifications for this product.


Trade Mortar 20kg

Trade Mortar is a carefully proportioned blend of selected sands, cements and Hydrated Lime (1:1:6 by volume). Suitable for laying masonry blocks, bricks and stonework above the damp proof membrane. It requires only the addition of clean water and mixing prior to use.


Hydrated Lime 20kg

Hydrated Lime has a multitude of uses around the garden or farm. If is used in conjunction with cement for mortar and plaster. Hydrated lime is often referred to as slaked lime and is often used for soil stabilisation.

GY25 (1)

Meningie Bagged Gypsum 20kg

Inspired by the response to bulk gypsum, Meningie Gypsum embarked on a bagging venture in early 2000. Selective mining of the lower gypsum layer at Elephant Lake has produced a white very high grade product.
Bags are available in 25kg units. The bagged gypsum is Premium grade with 94% purity and an ultra fine grain size. Particles average finer than 0.1mm.