Our excellent quality seasoned split red gum firewood is ethically sourced from from the Eastern States by licenced suppliers.

It is a dense hardwood and has a low moisture content; producing long lasting heat and coal. Every load is moisture tested to ensure it meets the highest industry standards.


  • Dry seasoned hardwood
  • Long lasting heat
  • Produces coal
  • Burns clean - minimal ash
  • Low moisture content
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Meets industry standards and regulations
  • Varies in size but comes already split to fit most fire places*
Redgum Firewood
Redgum Firewood 2

Redgum firewood is a highly sought-after option to burn in a wood stove or fireplace because it can burn for a prolonged time and produces significant heat. It's an excellent option for individuals seeking hardwood to keep them warm during chilly winter evenings while relaxing by the fire.

At Blackwood Landscape and Firewood Supplies, we proudly offer premium seasoned split red gum firewood sourced from licensed suppliers who follow ethical practices.

The firewood is obtained from sustainable sources from suppliers located in Adelaide, ensuring that our customers have access to a product that is both environmentally friendly and of the highest quality. Whether using the firewood to heat your home during the colder months, cooking over an open flame, or enjoying a cozy campfire under the stars, you can rest assured that our Red gum firewood is an excellent choice.

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* Due to a variance in size, you may need to further split the occasional large piece to fit in your fireplace.

Available for pick up from yard or delivery 7 days per week. Shop local for firewood!