Versatile and visually appealing; this 40mm Pine Bark is a perfect solution for enhancing the functionality and look of your outdoor spaces.

Usually made from the bark of pine softwood trees; it is used by home gardeners as a functional and decorative ground cover. It also reduces the frequency of weeding and therefore the time you spend on it. Pine Bark 40mm can also be used for creating borders and natural-looking pathways in your outdoor space.


  • 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Pine Bark 40mm effectively slows the growth of weeds.
  • Coarse nature is a perfect choice when it comes to planning for sloping blocks and windy areas.
  • Perfect for garden beds and pot plants.
  • Offers both aesthetic appeal and practical qualities eg. moisture retention and insulation for roots and weed control.
  • Preserves moisture and protects against heat. This softwood bark protects soil from erosion and dryness
  • Recommended depth for playgrounds is 300 – 375mm.
  • Recommended depth for landscaping is 100 – 150mm

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