If you're looking for a way to enhance your soil, create new garden beds, or lay down fresh turf, organic loam from Peats Soil is the ideal solution for you. This product can be used to top up your current soil, providing it with the necessary nutrients to promote healthy growth. Additionally, it can be used to establish new garden beds, allowing you to create a beautiful and thriving garden environment.


  • It comes at a budget friendly price which makes it accessible to a wide range of customers.
  • Its pH-neutral formulation guarantees a balanced and harmonious environment for optimal growth and overall plant health.
  • This product has been enriched with organic ingredients, ensuring a natural and sustainable approach to nurturing growth.


  • Organic loam is widely regarded as the perfect medium for cultivating a diverse range of plant species.
  • This specific type of soil offers a plethora of benefits to vegetable plants, facilitating optimal conditions for them to yield plentiful harvests throughout the entire growing season.
  • Moreover, organic loam soil is particularly advantageous due to its natural composition and properties.

You can purchase our soil supplies knowing that they have been locally sourced. Don't hesitate to make a purchase today.