Find the Right Road Base in Australia: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

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Road infrastructure is crucial for connecting communities and individuals to move from one place to another. It also allows the smooth transportation of vehicles without worrying about the chaos and clutter that may emerge when driving on uneven roads.

Building a road involves more than just laying down the pavement. A key aspect of road construction is the road base, which supports the road and helps it withstand heavy traffic and varying weather conditions.

The road is built of crushed rock and gravel and is placed on the subgrade to provide a stable foundation for the pavement. This layer helps distribute weight evenly and prevent damage to the road.

However, selecting the right one might be a complicated task with various options available. This is why we, the Blackwood Landscape & Firewood Supplies experts, are here with this complete guide that will make your work easier than before! Whether you are a buyer or a contractor, reading this blog post will help you find the appropriate "landscape supplies near me."

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Types of road construction materials

Various types of road base supplies are available in the market, and you can pick any that is best suited for your project's needs.

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Brick 
  • Paved blocks

Benefits of choosing the right road base supplies

So you are making your next purchase of road supplies that will best suit your project's needs before we make you aware of the factors you should consider. Let's first look at the benefits of roadbase in the construction industry.

  1. Reduced maintenance costs: When you pick the suitable road base, it automatically reduces your need for constant repairs and maintenance, preventing problems like potholes and ruts. This ultimately saves you money in the long term.

  2. Improved drainage: Using suitable road base materials helps water drain effectively, preventing the formation of pools and potential harm from erosion, freezing, and thawing. This is beneficial in regions where there is heavy rainfall or fluctuating temperatures.

  3. Enhanced durability and stability: A strong and stable road base is essential for durability and strength in various construction projects, such as driveways, pathways, and construction sites. It can support heavy loads and prevent damage like cracking, shifting, or sinking in the long term.

Reading the above benefits of road base supplies ensures you not only complete your project but also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have constructed a project that will stand for years to come.

Factors to consider before picking the correct road base

Now, let's move on to the factors you must consider to construct a rock-hard, aesthetically pleasing, durable surface. Let's have a look at each of them:

Project type:

  • The first thing you need to consider is the type of project for which you need the road base. Whether it's a driveway for a single car or a highway for the movement of multiple vehicles, first consider the project's type and the load of traffic it would require.

Local climate and drainage:

  • Weather conditions: When selecting materials, it is essential to consider the weather conditions in your area, such as rainfall, temperature changes, and the likelihood of freeze-thaw cycles, as different materials may be more suited for specific climates.
  • Drainage: You must choose a road base that allows for proper drainage, further reducing damage.

Soil conditions:

  • It is the type of soil that will impact your decision to choose the best road base supplies. If the soil is sandy, you may need to pick a different road base material compared to soil with clay content.

Budget and availability:

  • Cost comparison: Different supplies come at their prices. You must consider their prices and long-term benefits before buying.
  • Local suppliers: Research the availability of various road base materials from local suppliers in your area, as transportation costs for uncommon materials can affect the total cost.

DIY or professional installers:

  • If DIY: Consider your skill level and the tools you have available when selecting a road base material for your DIY project.
  • If professional installation: If you have a complex project, it is a good idea to seek advice from a contractor or the best road base suppliers, who can suggest the best base material and may also be able to assist with the installation.

These were some of the factors that might make your buying decision easier. You can make an informed decision regarding your project by carefully considering them.


Choosing the appropriate material for road construction is essential for the success and compliance of your project. Our Blackwood Landscape & Firewood Supplies team can answer any questions you might have about the uses and benefits of our quality road base. Contact us today to learn more.