Cottage mulch is a popular choice among home gardeners in South Australia due to its neutral colours and ability to enhance the look of native and informal gardens. It adds vibrancy to your garden.

Peats Cottage Mulch is our best-selling mulch. It has a double effect; it contains compost to enrich your soil while providing excellent cover to keep the weeds down.

Our Cottage Mulch is made from clean timber that comes from forestry, sawmill, and urban timber residues. This includes materials like wood shavings, off-cuts, and pallets that are collected separately for processing.

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  • The use of cottage mulch serves as a means of conditioning the soil.
  • Ideal for enhancing the kerb appeal of your home.
  • Made from a combination of milled pine chip and nutrient rich Garden Compost.
  • Cottage mulch provides a protective layer for your soil, preventing it from becoming dry and losing its moisture content.
  • Prevents weed growth.This process involves spreading a layer of mulch over the soil surrounding the cottage, which helps to suppress the growth of unwanted plants.
  • Recommended depth 75 – 100mm.

Adding mulch to landscaped areas and individual plantings is highly recommended. So, don't delay - purchase now!

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