Concrete sand is a washed and rough sand used to make concrete. This sand has more prominent grains than building or brick sand and is screened and treated to remove stones. High quality concrete sand is washed to prevent breakdowns in the bonding capabilities and strength of the concrete (if impurities are present). This makes it an acceptable choice for purposes requiring clean, graded sand.


  • Concrete Sand is a coarse material typically utilised in producing ready mix concrete and asphalt.
  • Concrete M-sand is renowned for achieving higher compressive strengths, low surface water absorption, and water and cement conservation qualities.
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  • The sand is graded and washed meticulously to eliminate unwanted silt for an optimal mix design.


  • As the name suggests, concrete sand is frequently utilised as the main component in producing concrete.
  • It is also used for backfilling retaining walls, facilitating drainage, and filling gaps between pavers.
  • This type of sand consists of coarse and fine particles, and it undergoes a thorough washing process, drying, and screening to ensure consistency.

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